Foodie with a love for

photography and graphic design


I’m a photographer based in Copenhagen. I help restaurants and hotels with their visual expression. With a background in restaurant, hotel, travel and marketing, I have a good understanding of how I through photography and graphics, tell the story about your concept in the best way possible.

I have photographed some of my favourite restaurants and hotels in Copenhagen. Is yours next?



photography and graphic design

In a digitalized world it’s essential that your concept has a presence online. It’s where the guests meet you and your brand for the first time. It’s where they make the decision if it’s gonna be your food that’s gonna fill their hungry stomachs or your hotel where they wanna spend the night. Your brand’s visual expression is what gonna convince the guests to walk through exactly your door. A consistent and aesthetic brand creates trust and makes you attractive for your target audience. 

hungry? take a look at my


green zucchini, pea and lemon risotto

quesadillas with beer braised pork cheek

Cacao pancakes with pistachio cream

me as a 

photographer and graphic designer